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If you have a family member or friend that you trust and that knows what is involved in administering an estate, you should consult with them regarding the appointment. An executor, amongst other things disposes of the body, ascertains the assets, protects the assets to prevent waste, obtains a formal grant of probate and calls in the assets to distribute amongst beneficiaries. An executor must not act in a way that would prejudice or disadvantage the beneficiaries.  A trustee may seek the opinion, advice or directions of the Supreme Court in complex issues regarding the management or administration of the estate.

Are you in a position where you do not have family or close friends in Australia to act in this role?  Do you have problems communicating with your family and require an impartial and independent person to act?  Do you have a blended family and want to ensure that your children are looked after when decisions are made about your estate.

Kym Chapman & Associates can be appointed as executors/trustees of your Will and take on these responsibilities.

The benefits of appointing a solicitor to this role:-

  1. We are impartial, independent and professional.
  2. We have experience managing disputes and have money management and account keeping processes in place.
  3. We are experienced in wills and estates and can administer your estate quickly and efficiently.
  4. We can perform these services more quickly and cheaply than the traditional trustee companies.
  5. Your beneficiaries will be dealing with a real person rather than an institution.
  6. We understand complex company, trust and taxation structures.
  7. We have ethical obligations and responsibilities in our role as solicitors.
  8. You do not need to rely on an inexperienced family member or friend to administer your estate.
  9. You do not need to hope that the family member you have appointed does the right thing.

Contact Kym Chapman or Jack Raward on 0416 102 577 or 0449 146 186 to discuss how we may assist and the fees and charges associated with this appointment.